Be a credit union saver and your savings will never go extinct.

Every April, National Credit Union Youth Month serves to encourage kids to develop healthy saving habits by making savings fun and exciting. This campaign is your credit union’s opportunity to engage with young members and show them that your credit union is there to help them throughout their financial journey.

“Be a credit union saver and your savings will never go extinct.” is the official theme of this year’s National Credit Union Youth Month.

This Jurassic theme makes saving for the future fun and helps younger members appreciate the importance of putting money aside. Together, we’re encouraging our youngest members to learn common financial concepts kids should understand:
• Saving
• Spending
• Charitable giving
• Investing
• Budgeting

As more Americans seek financial guidance, we strive help educate those in our community, including our young members. Billings Federal Credit Union can serve as an important ally for parents in their mission to teach their kids to be financially responsible. We are devoted to helping you be a champion of healthy financial habits.

We want to empower youth to save for their future, and National Credit Union Youth Month is a great launching pad to teach kids the ins and outs of finances. Join us this April as credit unions across the country focus on educating youth about financial health.

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