My Money is a PFM, Personal Financial Management tool, that helps you budget and manage your finances. It allows you to import all of your accounts across multiple institutions so you can see your balances and transactions all in one place. It is available for free through Billings Federal Credit Union’s online banking or our mobile app.

Getting started is easy.

1. Set up your account – Log in to your online banking and find the link for “MyMoney.” Accounts from your primary institution will automatically begin syncing to MoneyDesktop.

2. Add all accounts – Add additional accounts with other financial institutions to see your full financial picture. Add manual accounts for property, like homes or vehicles. You can also create manual accounts for accounts that are not supported or are broken. See “How do I fix an account that is ‘broken’?”

3. Categorize transactions – After all of your accounts have been added, open the Transactions View and review your transactions for accuracy. Transactions are automatically categorized for you, but they are not always accurate and may need to be re-categorized. Your changes will be applied to future transactions. You may want to enter additional details about your transactions; see “How do I manage my transactions?”

4. Create budgets – With your transactions correctly categorized, you can easily create budgets based on your actual spending history. Open Budgets and follow the instructions to generate a budget. Bubble budgets will allow you to see the relative size of various budgets and adjust accordingly. In other words, going over budget on pet food, which may be budgeted at $20 a month, is less serious than going over budget on a much larger line item, such as your home improvement budget.