We are excited to officially welcome Big Sky Federal Credit Union members to Billings Federal Credit Union. With the completion of the merger, you now have access to four branch locations – Heights, Downtown, Grand and West end. We look forward to providing you with greater access to products, services and technology.

Transition Support

We are here to help you with this transition. For questions or concerns, please stop by any of our branch locations, call us directly at 406.248.1127, or visit us online at billingsfcu.org.

New Account Number

On 2/01, you will have a new account number at Billings Federal Credit Union – it is a hybrid of your old account number. The new account number is your existing account number with a (3) in front of it. However, the new account number needs to be six digits in total; therefore, zeros will be added following the starting (3) in cases where the existing account number is less than five digits.

Examples: If your current account number is five digits, such as 24593, on 2/01 it will be 324593. If your account number is four digits, such as 4593, on 2/01 it will be 304593. If your current account number is three digits, such as 593, it will be 300593. If your account number is 93, it will be 300093. If your account number is 3, it will be 300003.

Online Banking

On 2/01, Big Sky’s website will no longer be available. Our website is billingsfcu.org. On or after 2/01, you can sign up for Online Banking by clicking the Sign Up link on the bottom right of the website or by clicking here. To get started with Online Banking sign up, you will need your (new Account Number), Social Security Number and the eMail Address on file. Big Sky FCU eStatement history will be accessible through our Online Banking platform. You can also contact us directly and we can assist you with registration.

ATM and Debit Card Users Usage Dates

Your Big Sky FCU card will work through Sunday, February 3. Please activate and begin using your new Billings Federal Credit Union Card on Monday, February 4.