Car trouble is so often the worst kind of financial trouble. Few things can rip a hole in your budget so quickly and so thoroughly. A new transmission at $3,000 or even a fuel pump at $1,000 can wipe out a rainy day fund in one clank or clunk. And it’s these types of unexpected problems that make mechanical repair coverage so important.

Why get Mechanical Repair Coverage?

Drivers with little savings in the bank and a car past its warranty might find mechanical repair coverage offers peace of mind and financial security. Most new cars and even some used cars come with a warranty. These plans protect against mechanical defects and pay for repairs to the transmission, engine, brakes and other systems. The downside is once a certain period of time has passed or a certain number of miles have been driven, the auto warranty expires. Once that happens, consumers have to pay for repairs out of pocket unless they have an extended car warranty or mechanical repair coverage.

How does it work?

Once an authorized repair facility determines what is wrong with the vehicle, the facility will contact the program administrators to pre-authorize the repair. The claims rep will work with the service manager to pay the repair facility directly.

BFCU Member Testimonial.

The air conditioning in my 2014 GMC Acadia quit working. After taking my car to a local body shop, we learned it needed $3,379 worth of work. I paid the $250 deductable and my MRC covered the rest.

Our Mechanical Repair Coverage can help with those big ticket costs. Contact us to learn more.