Identity theft can happen to anyone. It can drain your financial accounts, damage your credit, endanger your employment and cost you money to repair. In light of recent data breaches, this is a great time to be talking about our Secure Checking Account. One of the many benefits of Secure Checking is that it includes IDProtect – an identity theft monitoring and resolution service. If you become a victim of identity theft, experts will provide you with professional fraud resolution, helping you document damage and file necessary paperwork. This recovery plan reduces time spent restoring your identity. Valuable expense reimbursement is offered to help cover eligible expense related to identify theft. With unrivaled security and smart savings, Secure Checking has your best interest in mind.

I have Secure Checking, now what?
Once you have a Secure Checking account at BFCU, you will need to register for secure checking, by logging into . The first time, you will need to use our unique code that is given when opening the account. Don’t have the code? No problem, give us a call for the access code. You will then create an account to sign in for future access. Once logged in, follow the prompts to register for the identity protection portion of the program. Within the system, you are also able to access all of the benefits listed below.