Use Direct Deposit for Your Paycheck

Most employers are happy to set this up for their staff. Your paycheck is deposited directly into your savings or checking account – no hurry, no lines, no hassle. You will receive a paystub from your employer that shows your earnings, deductions (such as taxes), and the net deposit into your account.

Have your paychecks, retirement checks, Social Security, VA or any other recurring check automatically deposited into your accounts at the Credit Union. You can verify the deposits any time of day with BFCU Online or by calling the Telephone Teller.

To sign up for Direct Deposit, your employer or other payor will need the Billings Federal Credit Union routing number which is 292976764.

Receiving federal benefit payments electronically eliminates the risk of lost or stolen checks and helps safeguard money against check theft and fraud. Protect yourself against identity theft and fraud by switching to direct deposit for your Social Security benefits. Visit